BIM management and digitization

BIM management and digitization

The requirements for construction projects have changed significantly in recent years. We see the solution to this problem in the use of BIM methodology, which ensures more efficient planning of construction projects through the digital representation of the building model. This in turn leads to a realistic assessment of costs, time and material input.

Data and information management

The efficient management and organization of large amounts of data, as well as the allocation of their further processing to the relevant recipients at the right time, is an essential part of an orderly project flow. The BIM profile becomes the digital template for the information request, enabling the exchange of information between sender and receiver.

BIM Management

The BIM Manager is a central element of project management and is involved in all lifecycle phases of a project up to the operation of a building. His responsibilities include project-related design, implementation and coordination, and ongoing support of model-based data communication. Use our experience to make your project successful, too!

Data Analysis

Just like digital project management, the BIM manager uses the mass of data to achieve project goals. Create added value from your data with targeted data analysis.