Consulting and project management

Consulting and project management

Contemporary construction projects are managed and controlled by up-to-date data. We are happy to advise you on the identification, maintenance and use of this data and thus become part of the project management. We organize and monitor your planning and construction processes, take over cost and schedule monitoring as well as quality management. We make this data available in an evaluated and virtually live form, thereby enabling risks to be identified and eliminated in good time and thus prevented.

Costs and dates

Digital scheduling and monitoring – LIVE!
Digital cost monitoring in all project phases – LIVE!
Your most important project data in sight – at any time and LIVE!

Quality management at its best

Digital organization and monitoring ensure early detection and correction of planning and execution errors. The use of state-of-the-art digital tools enables advance quality assurance in all project phases. Don’t manage construction defects, avoid or detect them before the first excavator rolls onto the site

Organized construction processes

In modern project management, planning and execution are directly intertwined, which is why the planning and organization of construction processes is already singular in the early project phases. Whether through construction process simulation or LEAN-oriented processes, it is necessary to utilize the available data. Stop the financial consequences of no or poor coordination.